And I see nothin’…

Photo by MTHarden

Facebook changed its user interface and I no longer have access to the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners (  I can see only what the admins post but when I try to get into the good stuff, the place where anyone adds to it, I’m blocked with a Login prompt.  So, there goes my fix of FormerKGOListeners.  I’ll have to go it alone now and find things of interest on my own.  I liked the variety of the Facebook page with so many great comments and thoughts posted there.  Oh, well…  The last thing I want to do is register for a Facebook account.  Not interested.  The only useful page I’ve found on it has now been blocked.  Sorry, Zuckerberg, I’m ‘not gonna’ be tricked into becoming a member.

It might be that FormerKGOListeners has decided to keep that section private on its page, but why would they want to turn away daily readers?

First KGO, now this.  I’m locked out everywhere!

But, if you have a Facebook account go over there and ‘Like’ their page and let me know what I’m missing!


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