I’m not sure what to think of Rich Lieberman’s 415 Media blog about the Bay Area broadcast market.  He’d been plugging along, sharing information and posting his opinions about the goings-on behind the scenes at our local television and radio stations long before I knew about him.  Then Cumulus Media showed up and in early December, 2011, their management, in typical Lew Dick-ey style, unceremoniously fired many of the popular hosts on our top News Talk station at the time, KGO, and Cumulus basically turned off 50,000 watts of radio for thousands of loyal listeners by replacing the news-talk format with all news.

We had no place to go to voice our outrage.  KGO turned its back on us, pretending not to hear the outcry of thousands.  Even Ronn Owens, one of the few talk-show hosts left standing at KGO, treated it as a non-topic of discussion, dismissing it as a good move and he had other things to talk about.  That was the last time I listened to KGO.

No one knew why it’d happened.  I scoured the internet for news about it.  That’s when I found a newly formed Facebook page FormerKGOListeners (  http://www.facebook.com/FormerKGOListeners ).  The first postings were all cries of disbelief it had happened.  I started this blog as well, as a former listener, to reach out to others who wanted to talk about it.  We had no where else to go!  Thankfully, the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners took off in popularity and it became the go-to place to find out about what the heck was going on at KGO.  I continued this blog because I’m not on Facebook and don’t plan to open an account there any time soon.  But I do enjoy reading the posts at Facebook’s FormerKGOListeners.  And I support them, as much as I can without actually opening an account there.  I like the WordPress format here because posts are easy to find, tagged and dated, and it feels more like writing an article than posting a quick thought on a Facebook page.  But that’s my preference.

That’s how I heard about Rich Lieberman’s 415 Media blog, from a link on Facebook’s FormerKGOListeners.  Finally, there was someone who talked about what was happening at KGO.  None of the fired KGO hosts were talking publicly, only polite little comments about ‘that’s the way radio is, comes with the job’.  Rich had some media connections, so he gave us the good stuff we wanted to hear.  Details of the day our favorite hosts were fired, what happened next behind-the-scenes at the station, and which staff members had survived.

I’ve been reading him weekly, at times daily, since the December day I found his blog.  I’ve linked to it on my About page.  He’s not the most professional writer/blogger out there.  He uses words like ‘tonsils’ at times when describing a broadcast personality.  Makes me cringe just typing it.  But that’s his style.  Speaking of cringe, he co-hosted a show on a Santa Cruz radio station one day and it really turned me off about promoting this guy.  He was awful.  I wrote about it here: https://kgoformerlisteners.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/rich-radio-poor-performance/

Then he began posting stuff that was so gossipy and juvenile about various people around the Bay that I almost deleted his links off my blog.  But I continued to read, glancing through the posts.  The good stuff was always in the comments.  I read them to this day.  It brings back the old days of KGO when people discussed and disagreed and even went on a rant or two.  That’s what I enjoy.   And it’s a place where everyone stops once in awhile to sit down and chat.  To put in a good word about Rich, he’s posted some interesting news that I hadn’t heard elsewhere.  A word of caution, though, there is a crack in his believability, some of the things he posts as breaking news or stay tuned for a big event, never happen.  So, read at your own risk and know that he’s just trying to find his way in this crazy media world and I’m sure he’ll even-it-all-out somehow.

He’s posted about some of our KGO hosts, I love that, and he even wrote about Ray recently.  Here’s the link to his Ray Taliaferro post and following are links to posts about the other hosts – with pictures, too:

Post about Ray Taliaferro (Note: Ray has even responded under the Comments section)


Post about John Rothmann:


Post about Gil Gross:


Remember when I said Rich needs time to even things out?  Well, this crazy bit of rambling makes me scratch my head.  I just hope it was an off day for his meds or something.  It once again brings into question his believability factor.  But it’s still a fun read.


As I said, huh?


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