Image by speedyleedy

I found a wonderful graphic of the History of Radio (follow the link below to see it), posted by John Baker at WordPress.

It charts the progress of radio over the years, in a timeline format with a brief summary of the significance of each highlighted year.   For example: In the year 1933 “…during the Great Depression.  President Franklin D. Roosvelt [sic] becomes the first “radio president”.”

I don’t think that’s John’s typo, he’s probably not the creator of the poster.

Here’s the link:

I wonder what they will add to it in ten years time.  Any ideas?


Also, here’s more graphics from other people that he’s linked on his blog  (if you want to think about something else besides radio for a moment):

A Color Wheel:

The Warning Label that should be printed across every chair:

Steve Jobs too much information

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