Not only do we have taxes to look forward to in April, but for those of you who’ve migrated to Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio service to listen to KKSF Newstalk 910-AM and you’ve expanded into using iHeartRadio’s Custom Station feature, the commercial free ride will soon be over.  They will be adding advertisements to Custom Stations on April 1st.

Not sure if that will change on the iHeartRadio Podcasts.  We’ve been able to listen to podcasts of our former KGO hosts on KKSF Newstalk 910-AM (Podcasts found here: without commercial interruption.  We’ll see if that changes.  I guess they ‘gotta pay the bills’.  If they do add commercials, maybe that will pay for another host or two to go full-time on Newstalk 910.

Here’s more information from, written by Paul Riismandel, posted in December. 2011.  It includes an overall review of the service.  It’s favorable overall, with one limitation.  Here’s an excerpt of that one little nitpick:

“Fidelity is what I find to be iHeartRadio’s greatest limitation. I’ve listened to the service on my iPhone, iPad and two different Mac laptops. At home I’ve used both my MacBook Pro’s built-in headphone jack and two different USB audio devices. Across all devices I found that the custom stations sound the best. While quality does vary some from song to song, overall fidelity is roughly equivalent to Pandora’s free service.”

Here’s a link to Mr. Riismandel’s article:

Paul Maloney of RAIN (Radio and Internet Newsletter) posted a video of Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman’s interview with Kara Swisher of AllThingsDigital.  Maloney recapped several points of the half-hour interview.  Here’s one:

“Pittman likened Pandora more to Spotify and iTunes as “music collections” and even “retailing,” and though Clear Channel offers personalized streaming, stressed that this is “not what we do… it doesn’t play to our core strengths.” He also hit on the difficulty the company has had with consumer acceptance of advertising on personalized streams.”

hmmmm… maybe Clear Channel won’t add commercials to the podcasts if we, the consumer, object…

Anyway, here’s Maloney’s post that includes the video here:

Want Jersey Joe’s opinion of the iHeartRadio app?  You got it:

Had to include that because I like the name of his blog.  Reminds me of that hysterical video of Donny Osmond in Weird Al Yankovic’s green-screen first take of ‘White and Nerdy’.  How could I not include that link?  Enjoy:

Or, if you prefer following the link to YouTube:

What about the future of iHeartRadio?

And they are certainly ‘sync’ing their future with Ford:

And Cumulus Media?  They are ‘sink’ing their future, too.  In the homophone sense.  hee hee… (fingers crossed)


* Quick note: Bill Wattenburg will be on vacation next week (Feb 20-26, 2012).

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