Photo by Fred Hsu

Ever since management at KKSF Newstalk 910-AM extended an invitation to our former KGO hosts to fill-in for Gene Burns during his recovery, not to mention bring on-board Len Tillem and Gene Burns for dedicated shows, I’ve been listening to that station.  Both online and on my AM radio dial.  I’m unfamiliar with other programs on that station during the times the former KGO hosts are off the air, but I hear promos of some shows during the time I listen.  One promo always makes me cringe.  Only recently has my mind retained the name of the show.  These guys are not my style, from the promos played.  One guy screams over the other, shouting out inane things about forgettable topics.  It really sounds like one of those morning-zoo type of shows, hyena laughs at their own jokes, yelling out brain farts, and talking about things normal people tune out.

I understand how this works.  Some people like this hyper-hyperbole in the mornings.  I don’t have to listen to it.  You like it?  Good for you.  You are turning the ON button in the opposite direction than I am.  I find other programming to fill the time in between the former KGO hosts.  I get it.  You have listened to these other guys for years.  They are part of your morning routine.  Just as the former KGO hosts had been part of my daily routine.

I heard that the talk show hosts I enjoyed would be sitting in for these zoo guys during their vacation.  For one week, Monday through Friday, I was able to turn on my AM radio in the early morning and hear programming I enjoyed.  I’d miss the earliest hour but was able to access the podcasts and listen at a later time.  Everything was right in the world again.

KKSF Newstalk 910-AM was beginning to get my attention.  Maybe I should try some of their other programming, not Rush, but some of their other talk hosts, to support this station that was filling the airwaves with some intelligent talk.

Armstrong & Getty returned from their vacation and burst that happy little thought bubble.

On their first show back, according to what I read on, Armstrong & Getty spent time reading email that bashed those former KGO hosts who showed up in the early hours to do their show.  I was shocked.  I read about it on another blog post as well.  Those guys read numerous email messages on-air calling the fill-in hosts boring and unlistenable and made it an all-around bash-fest.

I should note that I did not listen to that particular Armstrong & Getty show.  Didn’t want to waste time on it or download a podcast of their show that would show up as one more click in their favor.  No way.

Unbelievable bad taste on their part.  I’m not a fan.  Never will be.

If anyone who has actually listened to this podcast and want to correct anything I’ve said about it, please do so.

If anyone wants to listen to the podcasts of John Rothmann, Gil Gross and Ed Baxter and Rosie Allen filling in for those two clowns, then please do.  Show the management of that station what programming is worth listening to again.

Here’s a link to KKSF Newtalk 910-AM, the former KGO hosts filled in during the week of February 7th on the Armstrong & Getty show under Podcasts:


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