In a recent post I warned that while we are getting cozy with Clear Channel, who scooped up our former KGO hosts and gave us a reason to listen to talk radio again, we should not forget that Clear Channel is in the same business as the hated Cumulus Media and follows similar practices to get the biggest share of the radio pie.

I’m not saying Clear Channel treats their hosts in the shabby way our former KGO hosts were treated – after decades of shows, being handed a check in a five-minute meeting and shown the door, but how well do we know the business practices of Clear Channel?  Are they a quick-fix solution to our local radio or are they part of the problem?

I found this interesting recap of Clear Channel in a WordPress blog:

It’s not looking good for the future of radio, is it?  I’ll listen to Clear Channel now, but only to the former KGO host spots.

At least it gives us something in this dismal year of the radio.  But it’s a reminder to not sit back and assume everything is right in the world just because we have some of our hosts back on the air.



Note:  After posting the above information, I searched for more WordPress blogs that address media.  One includes a quote by the big Dick-ey and the other goes in-depth about media consolidation and the FCC.

This guy has the same background as my blog (sheesh! – it’s like two women wearing the same dress at a party):

This is the one that examines the FCC and media consolidation:

I’m sure to find more as time goes by.  This is the first time I’ve used the WordPress feature to search for blog content by tags.  Who knows what I’ll dig up next.


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