I realized something the other day.  I noted earlier this week that Gil Gross would be filling-in for KKSF Newstalk 910-AM early show, 6:00am-9:00am on Monday and Tuesday this week.  Well, normally I would say, sorry, you missed it.  But Newstalk 910-AM has podcasts of all of these shows listed on their website.  Not just for one week, as that old-station-most- of-us-will-never-listen-to-again posted, but all of the past shows are there for your listening pleasure.

This week, look up the Armstrong & Getty podcasts to hear some of our favorite former KGO hosts.

Len Tillem and Gene Burns’ podcasts are listed as well, right from the beginning of their shows on the new station.  You can hear many of the former KGO hosts sitting in for Gene – listen to Bill Wattenburg on the first day of Gene’s show when he sub-hosted the show.  Most of the former hosts can be heard on podcast, taking over for Gene Burns while he recuperates: Gil Gross, John Rothmann, Ed Baxter and Rosie Allen.  Even a few good shows with Jim Gabbert.   The guest host is listed in each podcast summary so you can find your favorite and listen again, or hear it for the first time.  Commercial free!

Want to hear Len Tillem flub his lines on his new show on his first day there, the very first sentence out of his mouth?  Yep.  You can hear it.  Here’s the link:


I love it.

You can find Len Tillem’s full listing of podcasts here:


Want to hear John Rothmann again?  Here he is – look for his name under Gene’s show listings:


Find Gil Gross, he’s in there.  Listen to his show from yesterday morning when he referred to himself as a pumpkin fill-in.

Or, listen to his broadcast from this afternoon when he makes a former breast-feeding woman laugh at his lactose joke.  (I’m sure that was Gil’s show and not Len’s).  Or, hear how all of Gil’s calls were going to Len’s house.  Ah, gotta love live radio.

These podcasts fill the empty air-time in the time slots when our former KGO host are not on the air.  With one single click on Play, talk radio as we remember can be heard.   Did I mention no commercials on the podcasts?  Never have to worry about turning down the volume for an awful Cars for Kids spot.

One thing I haven’t been able to find yet are the podcasts for Dr. Bill’s Sunday night syndicated shows.  Anyone know?  I don’t want to register on a site just to hear it.  I tried to Google it but found nothing that was as simple as playing a podcast.


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