Two more posts from Bernie Ward on his blog The Lion of the Left Speaks.  One is about the Catholic Church so I barely skimmed through it.  Maybe I’ll read it over the weekend.


In his other post he comments on the upcoming election.  Here’s the link:


The most interesting part of his blog, to me, was this brief comment left yesterday on his January 25th post Odds ‘n Ends:

Anonymous Feb 1, 2012 10:25am
Here’s the link to that article:
The people who upload Bernie’s posts to his blog commented on it as well in the February 2nd post Note From Girl Friday:

“The Lion has written two new blogs. The IT Guy and I are amazed that Bill O’Reilly would even notice us or comment about this blog on his program. I am all for free speech as long as it is tasteful and not pointless, derogatory diatribe.”


I tried to look online to see if there was any substance to the O’Reilly comment or if it was just some smarta** attempting to spread a rumor to see how many would fall for it.  Didn’t find anything.  So, has anyone heard of this?  I think Bernie and O’Reilly have gone head to head before, but that’s only because I saw some interesting Google Search headings.  Doesn’t mean they’re true.  Maybe I’ll search more over the weekend.

So, what do you think?  Would Bill O’Reilly bother doing a story on Bernie Ward?  Or, is some commenter trying to be funny and spread misinformation?


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