We know, now, that Cumulus Media is buying up stations all over the country and CEO, Lew Dickey, plans to shove his new marketing baby, SweetJack, into our faces every ten minutes.  That is, if you still listen to any of those stations anymore.  I can say, proudly, I have not heard one SweetJack ad.  But I have to read more about this deal before I can formulate a coherent post about it.

Here’s a start to learn the basics:


It’s important for those who oppose this to develop a clear message before spreading it to the masses.  When Dr. Bill Wattenburg was hosting this week in Santa Cruz, on that strange little station KSCO, he mentioned to callers that a cheap, easy way to get a message out about any issue was to do something so simple that anyone of any age can do it.  Imagine how powerful that could be to multitudes who have something to say about Cumulus and SweetJack and the corporate takeover of local radio in our communities.

What was Dr. Bill’s suggestion?  Take a marker and a piece of paper and write down what you want to say.  Then, post it where other people can see it.  In your car window (where it’s legal), on a telephone pole, in the laundromat on the message board, in a local coffee shop, even stick it to your coat when out walking.  You get the idea.  It’s really a brilliant idea.

But to be effective, the message must be clear and consistent.  It wouldn’t hurt to add a few names of local government officials who have the resources behind them to create change.

It’s something that can be done now.  Today.

The only problem, though, is what should that message be?  I’m not sure and that’s why I want to find out more about this Cumulus deal.  They’ve partnered with Clear Channel to spread their SweetJack, but Clear Channel is the station now hiring some of the former KGO hosts as their on-air talent on 910AM. Clear Channel is even bigger than Cumulus and in more markets.

And, what was really behind the Telecommunications Act of 1996?


Some think it’s useless to try and save radio as we know it, that it’s declining into the dustheap of outdated technology.  So, why are we outraged?  What is our message?  Do we only want to vent our anger at change or do we want to effect change?  What would you write on that piece of paper?


By the way, I just found this interesting tidbit on Cumulus about their firing practice.  hmmm, I wonder if Ronn Owen’s has seen this little gem…



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