I haven’t written much about Dr. Bill Wattenburg, one of the former late-night KGO hosts fired by Cumulus Media on December 1st, but I did post my favorite memory of his cowboy caller on this blog, a few posts back.  I couldn’t recall much, and didn’t know how it all ended.  Many years have gone by.  Well, well, well, I was thinking of it again today and thought I’d try to research it online, hoping someone had written a blog post about it.

I found something even better.  Wattenburg has an audio posted of all three calls from Andy the Cowboy.  I won’t give away the ending, you have to listen.  Here’s the link:


Photo by NARA

It’s even better than I remembered…

  1. Yikes! I’m listening to the other set of calls by Louise. I’m only on the first one and already it’s getting a bit creepy…

  2. Melvin V says:

    Ad hominem attacks are Ray’s specialty. Too bad, because in my opinion, Kay’s argument was so flimsy a cogent person could make great points and win hearts and minds. Ray, with his meglamaniacal bullying, just makes everybody wince, as if all the sudden we’re in a dysfunctional family and the dad is again incredibly inappropriate to mom and we pretend not to see.Why does the public accept this? It’s ridiculous. He’s made millions off his insecure narcissistic rants.

    • Good ol’ Ray, he can be a bit much at times. As I noted on an earlier comment to someone, I had to stop listening to him during the last election cycle when he accused Hillary Clinton of some vile things.

      But in this instance, with that make-your-ears-bleed Kay person, Ray came through it unblemished. He supported his arguments and all Kay did was complain about how he raised his voice and sounded mean. In all of that bluster, he was making some valid points and, at the end, he even calmed down Kay enough so she listened to what he was saying and began to respond in a somewhat coherent manner. Not only that, most of Santa Cruz was buzzing about Ray’s guest spot for weeks afterwards. He knows what buttons to push. That makes him invaluable as an entertainer and it doesn’t hurt that he’s intelligent and cares about local community.

      It does concern me, though, that I appreciate his style only when he discusses things I agree with and not so much when he’s on the other side of an argument. I’d like to think not, but I did stop listening to him for almost a year after that Hillary bashing. I prefer to weigh both sides of an argument mostly, but it got to be too much for me. I have to admit that I miss hearing him on late night radio now that he’s gone. His guest spot on KSCO confirmed that for me. I hope he gets a hosting spot soon.

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