“Unless one is wealthy there is no use in being a charming fellow. Romance is the privilege of the rich,
not the profession of the unemployed. The poor should be practical and prosaic. It is better to have a
permanent income than to be fascinating.”

– Oscar Wilde

At work today, I had some time to listen to the archived podcasts posted on the KSCO website.  I found some under their Saturday Specials.

Photo by Deutsche Fotothek‎

My first experience listening to that station was not good.  I streamed the live audio from the site on a Saturday morning,  anticipating former KGO hosts to call-in as guests to the show. Two hours into the broadcast no mention was made of them.  The live stream audio popped and warped and the calls had a fuzzy sound, making it hard to hear what was said.  The host fumbled through awkward transitions to callers.  He talked over and over again about growing his audience with unhappy KGO listeners.  He was courting us, trying to capitalize on the fame of the former KGO hosts.  It was obvious he wasn’t ready yet.

Then along came Ray Taliaferro, who sat in that studio and spoke his ever-loving mind to the host’s 90 year-old mother and I had to give that station one more chance.  Thank God for podcasts.  I listened twice.  I knew what to expect from Ray, but those lil’ ol’ Santa Cruz listeners dropped their jaws and spilled their coffee.  They couldn’t dial fast enough to the station to voice opinions over what they had just heard.  And it was wonderful  Want to hear that podcast?  There’s a link to it on my About page.

So, today, I went back to the KSCO podcasts and listened to the two-hour interview with Jim Gabbert.  It was quite informative and I learned things about Gabbert I didn’t know.  Maybe I’ll have time to listen to that one again tomorrow.  Then I’ll post a link to it.

I also saw that the Saturday Special podcast with guest Rich Lieberman had been posted.  I’d read on the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners comments about it at the time it had aired.  Didn’t really understand what they were talking about.  I  enjoy reading Rich’s 415 Media blog, almost daily, especially all of the updates about the former KGO hosts.  Seems like a good guy.

At the top of the program, I was surprised at the discussion about Rich wanting to transition from blog writing to radio host.  Nothing wrong with that, everyone strives for professional growth.  The host, who calls himself MZ and is co-owner of the station, made it sound as if Rich was auditioning for a host spot, using this particular air-time as a two-hour trial to test his hosting potential.

First, Rich proclaimed that he was going to be himself and that it was no shtick.  He said, in no uncertain terms, people are morons and he hates people.  He hates social networking and reality shows and the state of ignorance rampant in today’s society.  He made some good points, giving examples of why he felt that way.  But his manner of speaking was aggressive, I guess he was trying to sound passionate, but it came off as cold and distant, with no heart behind it.  He even suggested that callers go outside and yell ‘moron’ at the first person they see. Then Rich discussed his cell phone theory, that people who use them are really masturbating.

What the…. ??

An army of little old ladies in shaky voices called in to complain about the filth he was bringing to their airwaves.  Rich must have been studying Karel, because he cut off every caller so he could talk over them.   He was relentless, asking the same question to every caller, what did I say that was so objectionable?   It was so bad that MZ had to, more than once, lower the volume on Rich’s microphone so a caller could finish a sentence.  Even then, we could hear Rich yelling out what he wanted to say in the background.  MZ finally stopped being nice and told Rich to be quiet and let the callers speak.

I don’t know if Rich was trying to be controversial or edgy, but there was a point when I stopped hearing a conversation and focused on the bad behavior.  It was no longer talk, but drama for the sake of drama.  That gets tiring.

Toward the end of the program, MZ’s mother called the show and told her son to get that man off her radio station right now.  She’d heard enough.  The rest of the program was an exchange between Rich and MZ’s mother, who began yelling at Rich to shut-up!  She told Rich that he will never become a host on HER radio station.  That’s when Rich started fake-flirting with her, telling her how sexy her voice sounded.  Really, Rich?

There was something distinctly distasteful about the whole thing.  I don’t know if Rich was attempting to stir up the same type of live radio controversy Ray had ignited, but it fell flat.  Really flat.  A big splat, flat.   There is only one Ray Taliaferro.  He can hold his own.  Love him or hate him, he’s no amateur.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Rich, and that’s exactly what his guest spot/host audition turned out to be – the amateur hour.

No link, not worth it.


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