Not much time to catch up on all this, but I have a feeling I’m not the only one.  I wanted to make one small correction.  I’ve been stating the call letters KKSF-AM, the new radio home of Gene Burns and Len Tillem as of January 3rd, will be changed in the New Year.  Well, according to an article on, that is incorrect information.  The call letters for 910-AM will be KKSF, (Clear Channel will flip this identity over from 960-AM, and that station will be changed to KNEW), and KKSF-AM, 910-AM, will be referred to as Newstalk 910 AM.  The entire article about the changes and the great news that Len Tillem and Gene Burns will once again grace the airwaves of San Francisco and the Bay Area can be found here:

There is another article about Dr. Bill Wattenburg:

What do I know?  I’ve had the old KGO on my radio dial since the 1990s.

Enjoy the holidays, everyone, with family, friends, and the warm feeling that Gene and Len will be back on the airwaves in the New Year.  Whatever the station will be called….

  1. Hanne Jeppesen says:

    This is great news, I really miss Gene, and John Rothman as well, I think this is a smart move by Clear Channel, I listened to different talk show hosts, from right to left although I’m a fairly middle of the road democrat, with a little leaning to the left side, and Gene is one of the best I have ever heard.
    The new management at KGO really screwed up big time, and I have a feeling they already feeling the heat. I listen to Pat Thurston, Stacy Taylor and a few other hosts. The all news format is boring, it repeats and repeats, and no in depth analysis, talk radio makes you think and make you feel connected to the community. The Red eye at night is boring as well. Thankfully Gene will be on at a time where I can listen to him most days, I hope they also get John Rothman or Gil Gross. I have written the management at KGO several times as I suspect many loyal listeners have, I told them from the beginning that they just didn’t understand the Bay Area listener. I don’t care that Glenn Beck will be on the same station, (we’ll see how long, I don’t mind that he is conservative, but he is a nut case, seeing nothing but doom and gloom) varity is good.

    • Hi Hanne. Welcome! I saw that John Rothmann posted something on the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners today. He said he’ll keep everyone updated on his plans and, I think, he has his own Facebook page now. I’m not sure because I’m not, or ever will be, on Facebook. Also, on Facebook, someone recapped the financials of Cumulus and, according to the person, they deducted that Cumulus will make money off of this and Cumulus stock is going up. I have to go back there are read it again and post a link to it, later, when I have more time. I’ve included the link to the Facebook page to FormerKGOListeners on my About page if you want to look at it in the meantime. Thanks for stopping by. I love hearing what old KGO listeners have to say about all of this.

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