Where have we heard that before?  Of course! – from everybody’s favorite LOY’ya.  Saw this on Rich Lieberman’s 415 Media blog:


Len Tillem will host the hour before Gene Burns’ show every weekday.  I also heard, on another interview of former KGO Radio hosts, that Len and Gene’s new San Francisco station will be changing call letters, so, for now, refer to it as 910-AM until the KKSF call letters are replaced.

I love that Len will be back in action, but am troubled that it’s a Clear Channel broadcast station.  Isn’t that what we’ve been discussing, how these mega-media corporations control the airwaves?  I hope they are not bringing in these talented hosts only to toss them out again after benefiting from a ratings increase.  Not saying they will, but it’s something to think about now.  We have to continue to be vigilant in bringing about changes to keep the airwaves fair and balanced for the benefit of local business and community.   If a populace speaks with one, unified voice, that is more powerful than a 50,000 watt broadcast signal.

For now, though, beginning January 3rd, my radio will be tuned to 910-AM every weekday beginning at 3:00pm.  And, I’ll be able to tune in to ‘Dining Around’ on Saturdays.  I’ve never had the pleasure before, to hear the show, and I’m looking forward to it.

Now, for an interesting tidbit I heard today on The Karel Show (not on KGO, but his live web show streamed online).  I’ll discuss that experience in another post, but during the show today one of the former KGO hosts, I can’t recall which one, mentioned that Ronn Owens’ agent tried to reduce the salary amount of Ronn’s contract in exchange for a three-year extension.  He didn’t get it, but the kicker is, the agent tried to do this at least two weeks before the big announcement and Black Friday.  Anyone else hear this?  If that’s true, then it must also be true, that Ronn did know about the changes weeks before they were announced.  So, please, correct me if I misheard this or misinterpreted it.  I hope I am wrong…


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