I read that Ronn Owens hasn’t addressed the format change at KGO Radio since that Black Friday when many other hosts were fired.  Anyone who has read the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners and Rich Lieberman’s 415 Media blog has seen the negative comments directed at Ronn.  Finally, he’s responded to some of that backlash.
I saw this on FormerKGOListeners Facebook page, posted by Mark Burchill.  Haven’t read the comments yet.  I’m sure there will some interesting reading there…
From: Ronn Owens
To those who’ve posted on the Ronn Owens Facebook Page:
Many of you continue to voice your unhappiness over the format change at KGO. Some seem to think I haven’t addressed the matter at all or haven’t addressed it to your satisfaction. I have discussed it on the show and this will be my third Facebook posting about it.

For those who don’t know, I talked about the format change on Friday December 2nd during the first show I did after the change was announced. I said it was a difficult show to do, and that I was stunned by the news. I said I’d miss my longtime colleagues who were being let go. Paul Hosley and Jared Hart, both in station management, went on the air with me and explained the reasons and hopes behind the move. At the end of that show, I went on a long-planned vacation, determined to stay away from the internet as much as possible until I went back to work on Thursday, December 15.

While I was on vacation, my Facebook page was available for anyone to voice their feelings. Hundreds of people did just that and I’ve read every post. Some were thoughtful, intelligent, honest, caring, and heartfelt, while others were profane, vicious, childish, cruel, and uncalled-for. A few have labeled me a sell-out for not quitting my job and standing shoulder to shoulder with those who were fired. What would have been the point? That would have done absolutely nothing to get Len, Gil, Gene, John, Ray, Dr. Bill, Lloyd, or Joanie rehired. I love my job. I love the audience.

I’m not a coward, but I am a realist. I’m under contract to do my show. The decision to cancel some of the other talk shows was out of my control. I was told of the changes the same afternoon as those who were let go. I had no advance knowledge and wasn’t asked my opinion. But my opinion wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because the decision was made by upper management. It’s their job to figure out what will make the overall station successful in these changing times. KGO has a staff of hard-working, caring, dedicated professionals who are trying to do just that. None of us deserves the kind of mean-spirited, juvenile, repetitive behavior that has been exhibited by a few online and over-the-phone. While there have been staff changes, many of the people who’ve been in the KGO family for years are still here. And, I’m happy that the voices of those hosts who were let go are now being heard on other stations. They’re moving on, with a tremendous amount of talent, experience, and a loyal following.

As any listener to my program knows, I have great respect for everyone’s opinion. I eagerly seek it out. But, the line of civility has been crossed by some on the internet in the last few weeks. Outrageous lies have been posted and then repeated over and over. I question the motives of a few who’ve been behind those lies and who’ve been extremely critical of me during this time. You either don’t understand or don’t want to understand what happened. Or you do understand and are deliberately trying to make me a scapegoat to advance your own agenda. I know my longtime listeners see through that.

The private emails I’ve received are, for the most part, very supportive, unlike some of the Facebook postings. From the tone of many of those Facebook messages, I’ve concluded there’s nothing I could say or do to change some of your opinions. So be it. I’ve told you the truth. I truly thank all of you who’ve taken the time to write in support of me and my program. And I’m grateful to those who’ve also sent condolences following the recent death of my mother-in-law. My wife, my daughters, and I genuinely appreciate it. I look forward to talking with you on KGO on Monday. And, I wish all of you, including those who’ve been critical of me, a wonderful holiday season.

Warm regards,


Here’s a link to it on his Facebook page:
And, here’s his general Facebook page:
It is true what he says, it won’t bring me back to KGO.  I wasn’t satisfied with the alternative, KSCO, but Ray Taliaferro’s guest spot on Thursday brought me back there to download the podcasts of Ray’s interview on the show.  It isn’t perfect.  I’m waiting for the airwaves of KKSF-AM to carry the voice of Gene Burns in the afternoon.  Something I’ll be able to listen to while at work.  January 3rd is his debut on that station.  I can’t wait!
Any other thoughts on Ronn’s response?
  1. Blue says:

    If this were the old union strike-busting days when they were bashing people’s heads in, I know where Ronn would be. Upstairs in the bosses offices, snitching on the workers. He is beneath my contempt at this point in time.

    • Hi Blue. Yes, this was not Ronn’s best moment. I listened to him every day for at least five years as I waited for Len and Gil to show up. And Dr. Dean when he was still on the air. I heard all of Ronn’s boasts about ‘no one tells me what to say’ over the years, but, as we all know now, that was something easy to say when the station was managed by someone like Mickey Luckoff who wasn’t likely to challenge that. I enjoyed many of Ronn’s shows but suffered through that stupid mattress ad too many times. I felt it was disrespectful to some of those guests, who were nudged to do a live commercial for a company most had never heard of before. And that Carol Channing exchange, the one he touted as this wonderful ad, was really sort of sad.

      I appreciate your comments. It’s always interesting to hear others’ thoughts on KGO, old and new. Thanks for stopping by, Blue!

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