So it begins…

I blurred out their sales link and the commenters’ names.  This is one way to protest Cumulus Media.  Defeat their business plan.  Their plan is to overtake the business of Groupon and Living Social.  I have links in a previous post to more information about it.  It doesn’t matter that a local station like the old KGO is in the way, they can simply buy out the station, fire the hosts, and then sit in their out-of-state corporate offices, rubbing their hands, ready for the profits to pour in from this SweetJack deal.  But they need the public to support them in this effort.  They need local businesses to partner with them and the public to buy what they’re selling.

Are you buying what they’re selling?  Are you willing to trade a cents-off coupon, for a one-time deal, as an acceptable alternative that comes at the expense of vital, local talk radio in your community?

As an aside, Gene Burns got a gig!  I read it on Rich Lieberman’s blog.  Here’s the link:

Oh, and those of you who miss good ol’ Ray Taliaferro, don’t miss his interview on KSCO on Thursday.  He stirred it up big time in snoozy lil’ Santa Cruz.  I have a link in a previous post and on my About page.


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