I missed the original broadcast on Thursday, December 15th, when Ray Taliaferro sat in as a guest on KSCO Radio hosted by station owner, Michael Zwerling.  During the program, Zwerling played a commentary by his 90-year-old mother and then asked Ray for a response, and he got Ray Taliaferro as only Ray Taliaferro can be.

Photo by Matthews Sunny

(Note: I don’t have time to write my thoughts, but if you want to hear a touch of the old KGO at night,  listen to this.  The controversial commentary is in the second podcast.)

Some of Ray’s snippets you’ll hear in the broadcast:

   Why the hell, lady, didn’t you decide…”

    I don’t give a damn who you are…

    Does Michael have an intelligent mother?  He does not…

    Get the hell out.  I’m not going to sit and talk to ignorant people…

    I’m not yelling, ma’am, I’m speaking.  If you don’t like the way Ray Taliaferro speaks…

    no, no, no, no…  no, no, no, no…

    Your ideas are the crappiest things I’ve heard in a long time…

    Quit telling your mom not to be profane…

You can download the free podcasts here:


I read on Facebook’s FormerKGOListeners page that Ray’s two hours on KSCO’s program unleashed a hornet’s nest of listener calls that continue until today.

Oh my God, I am loving this too much.  Listen to it and let me know what you think.

  1. Melvin V says:

    Ad hominem attacks are Ray’s specialty. Too bad, because this woman’s argument was so flimsy a cogent person could make great points and win hearts and minds. He, with his megalomanical bullying, just makes everybody wince, like allthe sudden we’re in a dysfunctionalfamily and the dad is incredibly inappropriate to mom and we pretend not to see.Why does the public accept this? It’s ridiculous. He’s made millions off this insecure narcissistic rants.

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