Yep.  Just saw this on Facebook FormerKGOListeners posted by the moderator.  Gene Burns is back, baby!  And he’s the one holding the cookie jar now.  Good for you, Gene!  KGO and Cumulus will not take away any treats this year.

Photo by Achituv

I didn’t listen to Gene Burns when he was a host on KGO.  I’d heard him a few times filling in for Ronn but his regular show aired later in the evening and it wasn’t a time of day I tuned in to KGO.  From all of the wonderful, heartfelt comments about him by other KGO hosts and his many listeners, the one thing I regret is that I didn’t listen to his show.

A cruel twist to the Cumulus format change was the sudden cancellation of a listener favorite, the Gene Burns’ ‘Dining Around’ show tradition of a Holiday Cookie Contest.  Cumulus pulled the show and left only crumbs in its place.  But Gene has a ‘Dining Around’ website and the Cookie Contest is ON!

Regular listeners of his show can explain more about it.  But when I saw this on Facebook I had to share.  Join in and sprinkle a little holiday cheer his way.

Here’s the link to his ‘Dining Around’ website.

And now, all I want for Christmas is for Mickey Luckoff to pull off a miracle!  I might get my wish to hear Gene Burns live, after all.


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