Maybe there is a way to fight back Cumulus Media in a focused way.  Hit mass market takeovers where it hurts, in their revenue-producing products.  Let’s look at SweetJack.

Cumulus, who has partnered with Clear Channel, are poised to take on Groupon and LivingSocial in a move to dominate the growing promotions market for daily deals.  Maybe someone smarter than me can take this information and use it to the advantage of an enraged public who has lost another community-based station to corporate greed.  A program such as SweetJack requires participation of the masses.  Local businesses and a buying public.  If they don’t have public support from the masses, as well as local business owners, they don’t have a product.

Just a thought.

Here’s an interesting article I found on Talkers website (

Clear Channel and Cumulus Partner Up for Two-Pronged Deal.  The New York Times is reporting that Clear Channel and Cumulus – the two largest radio operators in America – have struck a deal that will give Cumulus spots for its SweetJack daily-deals program on Clear Channel radio stations and that will put Cumulus radio stations on CC’s iHeartRadio platform.”

Here’s the link to the information, found in the second paragraph:

And, following is a more detailed article from the online New York Times, Business Day section (

I’ll share a section of it here, then include a link to the entire article by Ben Sisario.

“The deal will help Cumulus quickly expand its nascent discount service to hundreds of cities and compete with the dominant daily-deal players, Groupon and LivingSocial. SweetJack, which sells promotions to local merchants and advertises the deals on the air and online, opened in April, shortly after Cumulus agreed to pay $2.5 billion to acquire the Citadel Broadcasting Corporation. ”

I’m sure all of the Facebook FormerKGOListeners and Facebook OccupyKGO will find this a fascinating read.  Could this be our opportunity, the disenfranchised public, to take the first step in a focused pushback to express disapproval of Cumulus Media’s business practices?

Maybe even raise a few voices and prove that large corporations taking over the airwaves cannot silence the masses.

  1. Geri Gibson says:

    Please everyone, tune to KSCO in Santa Cruz, they are making a big effort to get former talk show hosts from KGO over to their station. Obviously they will not be able to pay them what they are worth but with increased listeners as time goes by they could.
    My hope is that with KGO’s new format, which by the way stinks after 12 every day, in time their ratings will drop so low that they will close down. All of the non feeling people that work for them will then know how it feels to have the rug pulled out from under them and they can apply for unemployment like everyone they stabbed in the back.

  2. Hi Geri. I’m listening right now as well as refreshing the comments on Facebook’s FormerKGOListeners page. The most interesting comment was when host Michael Zwerling said he asked Len Tillem to join them and Len said no way. Also, I’m a bit disappointed by the program. It’s interesting enough, but I’d hoped to hear some of the former KGO hosts. They had Joannie Greggains on the line but didn’t take the call. There is something about the way they handle the calls and the constant background noise from bad phones and muffled voices that is hard to listen to.

    I saw on the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners that the likely reason Len Tillem won’t participate is because they (KSCO) broadcast Rush Limbaugh.

    It’s Noon and nothing from the former host. What a let down. But I did hear Rich Lieberman and the owner of Talkers speak. So, not a complete waste of time.

    I don’t think I’ll be listening to this station again. I’ll try the Talk Radio Network and see if that sounds better managed. If they really do have any former hosts on the program next time, then I’ll be tempted to give them another chance.

  3. Here’s a nice recap of the KSCO show on Saturday morning from and written by Ed Walsh. I’ll post the link on my About page as well.

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