I’ll continue with more stories and memories of KGO hosts later this week.  I’ve been reading many articles and Facebook postings about KGO’s abrupt dismissal of their talk show hosts and the reactions of listeners.  There is one constant plea that I don’t understand.  People are demanding that the current KGO management reverse their decision and hire back all of the fired hosts.  Only then will people listen again. That’s the puzzling part to me.


photo by razor9fangdog

Let’s say the Cumulus management does hire back one or two hosts to stem the tide of hatred.  What then?  Everyone goes back to their old routine and turns KGO back on in their cars and homes?  Wouldn’t it only put more money into the pockets of those who were responsible for this mess in the first place?  And, why would we wish for the talent we love to go back and work for this type of despicable management?

We need to garner the power of all who care and then think through any action.  These hosts are a commodity.  Dr. Bill said it best, there are other stations out there that would welcome the fired hosts with open arms along with the built-in listener audience.  Oh yes, and possibly the advertisers.  But these stations admit that they can’t afford the high pay rate some of these hosts command.  Do we devalue the hosts because we want what we had before?  Not all stations have the reach of the old KGO.  What good is it for a host to get hired at a station with a signal that has limited reach?

With all the new technology out there, there must be a way to support our favorite hosts in a way that will make them money and make us happy.  Can that happen by diverting the advertisers and their money over to another format?  A podcast?  Like Len is going to do.  But will that satisfy the people who want to drive around in their car and have easy access to it whenever they want?  Is there another answer?  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


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