by Munkinpaisto

Back in the ’90s, I listened to a guy on talk radio Sunday mornings and that’s how I began my stint as a KGO listener. Little did I know the path that poor host would take in the coming years, but at the time I was intrigued with his commentary on religion and his imaginary Church of the Holy Donut. People would call in just to get their donut membership number. The host was charming and, at times, when taking calls, would launch into deep musings on morality and mortality in response to a listener’s question or story. Most people loved him, I’d recognize many of the same callers week after week. The topic or tone was unpredictable with him, either a tortured voice expressing the pain this world can offer, or a light, charming touch that made one smile. That man was Bernie Ward.

One weekend afternoon I clicked on my radio to KGO and was surprised to hear Bernie. I didn’t realize he was a regular host. I was so happy I could hear him at times other than early Sunday mornings. But this Bernie was not the Bernie I knew. He was brash and rude to people. He’d hang up on callers, muttering and sometimes calling them idiots or other things.

Oh my, this was the God Talk guy? It was unreal. I mean, there were times he was meaner than that Michael Savage guy. Those little old ladies calling up for Holy Donut numbers would surely faint in disbelief if they ever heard this stuff. It was fascinating and disturbing. I was hooked.


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