Let’s Talk About KGO Newstalk Radio (Before The Format Change)

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Talk Radio
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I want to create a forum for the former listeners of KGO NewsTalk Radio to share their stories about their listening experience in the many years KGO was considered a talk radio station. Who was your favorite host? What is your favorite story about that person? What shocked you about the on-air personalities? What made you laugh? I’d like to hear your stories and I’d like to share mine.

I’m setting this up now and will come back to it from time to time to add things as I think of them. I don’t have a lot of time to write but I wanted to create an outlet for any former listener to come here and share (especially since KGO, after firing most of the hosts, didn’t give listeners one chance to say what they think about it).

So, I hope some of you find this.  I also set up a space with Google+ Page or under my name on Google+.   Join me at either place and we can talk about all of those years we did have a wonderful talk radio station in our midst.

Anyone else going through Len Tillem withdrawal? I miss that smart mouth already.

The Google+ Page is  titled: Talk About KGO NewsTalk Before The Change’, but I’m not sure how to use Google+ effectively.

  1. Leonard says:

    We need to get together and occupy KGO.

    • That’s right, except today, and since it happened, I don’t want to go anywhere near that place. I won’t even turn on that station to hear the new stuff. Not even good ol’ boy Ronn Owens. It will be difficult to find something that I can listen to all day at work, but I will find something and make sure I won’t give them any more of my time.

    • Darrin Connell says:

      I’ve tried listening to the “new” KGO for 3 days now, & I can’t listen anymore. I call it KCBS-Lite. Hearing Radich’s bleeped-out sports stories really makes everything else low class.

      • Hi Darrin. Radich is on the new KGO? That sports guy from KRON 4 local news? Gary Radich? wow.

        I loved when KGO brought in John Kessler after his contract wasn’t renewed from the local morning CBS5 news. I stopped watching their morning local news after they got rid of Sydnie Kohara. Haven’t gone back. Same with KGO. I’ll never listen to that station again. It can’t come back like it was before.

      • Darrin Connell says:

        To kgoformerlistener:

        “Hi Darrin. Radich is on the new KGO? That sports guy from KRON 4 local news? Gary Radich? wow. ”

        Different Radich. His name is Kevin “The Rat” Radich; KNBR fired him from covering the Giants, then he went to KGO. He’s married to Kim Wonderly who handles traffic at KCBS. This guy is a total loudmouth who makes the rest of KGO sound pretty bad.

      • Thanks, Darrin. Actually, I think Gary spells his name with an ‘n’ or something. I’m not familiar with Giants sportscasters. From the sound of Kevin, that might be a good thing.

  2. Bea says:

    Hi, Thanks for doing this. Long time listener to KGO. I so miss it, felt like my family, we had it on 24-7 (except for Wattenberg). This is a right wing takeover of our airwaves. We all need to stay in touch.
    – Bea in Hayward

    • Hi Bea. Thanks for stopping by. I listened for years and felt the need for us to have a place to recall stories we all can share to people who will understand exactly what we are talking about. Please feel free to post some stories of your own and link it so we can read it. Or, add to the comments. I would love to hear them. I’m remembering the days of Bernie Ward and then on to the others. Love them or hate them, they filled our hours with entertainment and always left us with something to think about.

      I wish I had more time to just post a lot now, since this is the time to get those memories down.

  3. Leonard says:

    We began listening to KGO in earnest during the 2000 election. We listened to Bernie Ward, Pete Wilson, Gene Burns, as well as Gill, John, Brian, Len and ocassionally Ron, whose time slot is during work, so we rarely hear him and he was also the one that we seemed to agree to the least.

    Approximately three or four years ago, KGO had the open house at a convention center is the SOMA area. We were able to meet many of the hosts, with the highlight being able to have a few minutes with John Rothman. Len and Brian were a kick to listen to.

    I began listening to Dining Around, mainly because KGO didin’t have a typical talk host at that time slot. I was amazed how entertaining the show was, and learned of the complexity of making vanilla extract, feta cheese, and tomato planting.
    These hosts are like family members, the ones that you WANT to be with. We would listen every evening and most of the weekends.

    These changes are a shock and take a huge chunk of our life. Except for listening to Pat, Stacy and Karel, I will not be tuning in KGO. I hope that other stations will pick up these fine hosts.

    • Oh, Leonard, the one thing I truly regret is not ever listening to Gene Burns’ Dining Around show. Are there old podcasts anywhere? I’d like to hear one or two just to experience it. Maybe someone can post the audio on YouTube?

      I love Len Tillem, don’t know what I’m going to do on Monday at 1:00pm. I was able to listen to every daytime host all day at work. I heard Pete’s last show and have loved Gil as his replacement. Only former KGO listeners can understand the huge hole left by these Cumulus jerks.

  4. I just read a rumor on Facebook that either Len is coming back to do his show or he’s found another location already to do it. Anyone know anything that’s confirmed? I really don’t want to pin hopes on internet comments. Although, I hope he’s not returning to KGO because I’ve vowed never to listen to that station again!

  5. Allan says:

    I listened to KGO radio because of the personalities, not the news. I can get the news from several stations. As of now, I will no longer be tuning in to KGO.

    • I hear you, Allan. Me, too! I know the little quirks of these people even, how Gil always said, “and all of that.” after summing up his thoughts. For awhile, it was annoying me but not enough to stop listening to him. What I would give now just to hear it again! I looked forward to his show every day.

  6. Mr. DA says:

    This really sucks! Everyone I loved at KGO, gone! WTF!

    • Hi, Mr.DA. I went through some Len withdrawal today. And I sure do miss Gil Gross. Who was your favorite? Or, I should say favorites. I wish I’d listened more in the evenings to Gene Burns. The other hosts really respected him, and always made jokes about him in a good-natured way. Like when the bumper music played a rap song, Ronn would say, “and that was the latest from Gene Burns”. I always thought about listening to the archives of Gene’s shows, but I thought I’d have more time to do it. Now I’m sorry I didn’t.

  7. The Captain says:

    It definetly is the end of a radio era. I had been a fan of KGO for over 50 years and considered them one of the worlds truly great radio stations, Back in the sixties San Francisco had another great station, Al Leavett’s Classical KSFR.

    While I miss them both, it is the spirit of KSFR that I chose to emulate in real life in recent months as a broadcaster out here where I now live in very rural western Nevada. Very large broadcasters with control over hundreds of stations do broadcasting a huge disservice.

    Ironically, with the internet and other options, the demise of radio will hardly be noticed.

    • Hi Captain. That’s interesting. Maybe you should do what Len is thinking and post some podcasts of your program. I’m not sure what type of content KSFR provides now, radio stations change over so many times. I used to have to buy radio spots locally in San Francisco back in the days before the internet. Even back then, stations kept flipping formats. Drove me crazy. Thanks for stopping by. Come back and tell us more about your broadcasts.

  8. diane owen says:

    I’ve been listening to KGO since before the arrival of Ronn Owens—many, many years. That ends as of today. I won’t even bother tuning in to check it out. Why would I, the format sounds so terribly boring. KGO was such a wonderful source of information as well as great entertainment. I will miss it terribly.

    • Hi Diane. That IS a long time. When Dr. Dean was leaving, he told a story on-air that during his first days at KGO he was shocked when Ronn lit up some weed to smoke in the conference room (I think, during the interview, but I could be wrong). Then Dr. Dean said, but hey, it was the ’70s. So, you’ve been listening a long, long time. Who was your all-time favorite host?

  9. tom Vengalan says:

    well with a little luck it will be like new coke a few years ago and this new owner will realize what a gem KGO was and will change back. It was the last place anyone could voice their true opinions about what was going on in northern california I tend to believe since none of the other cumulus stations have changed programming that maybe the right wing philsophy on this is true. Hopefully some other station manager with some smarts will cash in on what KGO has lost.

    thaks tom


    • Hi Tom. It sounds like a small local station in Santa Cruz wants to bring in some of the old KGO hosts. I think Wattenburg is interested, according to what I’ve seen online on Facebook. It won’t be the same, no longer coming out of San Francisco. And, I see that Len Tillem is going to continue podcasting from Noon to 1:00pm on his own. That is something I would be interested in seeing. I liked the Noon slot for him better than an hour later. Messed up everyone’s lunch hours. Can’t miss the LAW’ya. Love him.

  10. Cee says:

    Hey I like the picture of the radio above , but I think a nice C Crane could also be up there. Mr Crane was very effected by the demise of the hosts. Like a true gentleman he wasted no time in pulling his ads.

    • Hi Cee. I’d gladly post a C Crane, but the one I used is in Public Domain and I’m not sure there is a free-use C Crane image. If you see one, let me know and I’ll insert it instead. And, I’ll include a caption of the brand.

      Thank you for the information about C Crane pulling their ads. Good for them. I will keep them in mind for products I might need. I’ll go look at their website later this week. Thanks for that.

  11. Karen Sanchez says:

    Gee, Good old snotty, highest paid Ron Owens has gone on a nice vacation till the dust settles………….WORM

    Thanks KGO for taking away something special.


    Big Brother is on his way ! You didnt even poll your loyal listeners !

    • Hi Karen. I’m happy to see other former KGO listeners here. If you post anything online somewhere else, please include a link so we can go there to read and respond. Since KGO didn’t give us a voice, then we will use the internet to voice what think about this mess. Actually, it’s nice we are seeking each other out because online you won’t get cut-off in mid-sentence or have to rush what you want to say because the news is coming up in 20 seconds – the only good thing I can think of after losing some great talk show hosts.

      Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I was at work all day NOT listening to KGO. And when Ronn returns, I will not be tempted to listen. I have some thoughts to post about him as well. Wish I had more time to do it, but I’ll get there. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Jack Keough says:

    I feel this is a wonderful change. KGO has been careening down the wrong path since they got rid of Bernie Ward. I look forward to hearing more news and less political blabbing, because in modern society it is very difficult to know what is going on.

    • Hi, Jack. Well, at least they’ll have one listener after all this. It is true that it’s important to know what’s going on out there and in the past two days since I stopped listening to KGO that is the one thing I miss – hearing the local news. But I won’t be looking for news on KGO, I’ll find another source. Back when KGO replaced the Noon hour with news, that was the only time during the day I’d listen for ten minutes then turn down the volume and wait for Len to show up. It didn’t hold my interest listening to the same news items rotating three or more times over the hour. The only time I listened for the full hour was when there was some sort of breaking news. But, that’s me. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know you enjoy the new KGO format.

  13. kgone says:

    So just what is Cumulus’ plan here? To lose all their listeners and sell the station for a huge tax loss once they’re gone?

    Some new host was whining Sunday night that we just need to give them a chance, saying (in between reading searing facebook posts that they didn’t like) that we were acting like four year old kids. What the hell? On top of their boneheaded dopey management, they insult whatever few listeners are tuning in to get a bit of info on what’s going on, before we turn the dial forever?

    These snapperheads breached the wrong shores with their starched shirt corporate morons marching in here totally out of step, as if they landed in Houston or something.

    Buy a clue and sell the station Cumulus, then let KGO reconstruct itself as the great talk show station that it was, but under new ownership. Until then, won’t be listening to ya anymore. Bye.

    • Hi, kgone. Love that name. I refuse to listen to KGO now but I’ve heard read about some disturbing things the new hosts have said and done. They are reading the Facebook posts? That is strange, especially with the level of animosity in most of those posts. Have you read what Rich Lieberman has to say in his blog? I’ve added a link to his blog in my About page.

      I’m not in favor of reconstructing KGO unless the Cumulus management runs back to where they came from and leaves Northern CA alone! I hope this is the biggest money loser they will have on their books. But, I was surprised about something on Rich Lieberman’s blog. He posted a bitter email he received from Jim Eason and it states: “But, with ownership who knew NOTHING about radio broadcasting…it became obvious the end was coming…I quit in June, 2000 (the cover story was I had retired…not so…I quit in disgust).” But wasn’t Jack Swanson there in 2000? I thought he was one of the good guys. What do I know? It’s all a big mess now anyway. Thanks for stopping by. I hear you!

  14. kgone says:

    What I read somewhere else this evening is that this is just act one of Cumulus’ modus operandi.

    Bring in the so called news format for a year or so. Then flip it to the even cheaper, totally syndicated pablum you get everywhere else with today’s corporate radio. Make big bucks because you can saturate the region in which you now own numerous stations with commercials on all channels of the same advertisers to a wide regional audience.

    All started when the rules about local interest being required for a diversity of channels in a region were thrown out with deregulation of the airwaves and resulting consolidation.

    BTW, do a bit of searching and you’ll find that a few large hedge funds are behind some of the financing that allowed Cumulus to scoop up all these stations.

    Obama’s been a corporate water carrier until now, contrary to his 2008 campaign, but he also holds his finger to the wind. Seems the wind is blowing the 99%ers’ mantra farther than the one percenters ever thought it would get. So his speech this week invoking defense of the working men/middle class in the historical context of the great Teddy Roosevelt is quite interesting.

    Would have loved to hear Gene do his 7 pm show about that speech tonight.

    Gotta fight these freebooters who are trying to crush the local flavor with their putrid syndication. Time to insist on reinstating local interest as one of the conditions of allocating station ownership.

    • The Captain says:

      50 years ago losing KGO would have been a big deal because there was no viable alternative. That’s pretty much changed now. I moved out of range of KGO about 7 years ago but continued to listen to Gene Burns on the internet. Truthfully, I hadn;t listened to KGO for months now…. too damn boring and too many insane irrevelent commercials. I’ve found scores of alternative program sources on the internet that are much more interesting and without the usual main stream media spin always lurking. Hopefully Gene and the others will show up on the internet where costs are a lot lower and fidelity is better than AM radio by a long shot.

      The way things are going the KGO tall towers in the bay will be worth more for their scrap value than the the very expensive station license that won’t be worth the paper it;s printed on. KGO is dead, long live the pioneer spirit it was founded on so long ago.

      • That’s interesting, Captain. I actually wrote something similar last night, although not with the eloquence you possess. I was asking what options do the hosts have in this technology age to continue to do what they are doing in this market and still get paid? Podcasts sound good, but many listeners prefer the accessibility to simply flipping on a car radio to listen when driving. Will a Podcast adapt to that? I think former listeners as a group could brainstorm possible viable options. I don’t understand why everyone wants the talent to return to KGO and put more money into the pockets of Cumulus management.

      • The Captain says:

        Actually, you’ve answered your own question: “you” are the “new” KGO Radio! Why would I wade through countless boring and irrevelent commercials for one or two words of wisdom per hour when I can pop in and out of here as my schedule permits and communicate with serious, like minded individuals?

        I haven’t read a newspaper in years and the only “radio” I listen to anymore is the classical station in town I run out of my home. Go figure, a classical station in a town less than a mile square… almost as large as Disneyland.

        If I want “local news talk” I sit out on the porch with my neighbors. If I want an outside perspective, I have you and thousands of others with similer concerns over the future of our country and the use of our time, not to mention who has access to our wallets.

        All I had to do was Google “demise of KGO and you were instantly available to meet my need to know. That’s powerful stuff, something KGO’s 50,000 watt flame thrower can no longer economically compete with. I feel sorry for them, but they are paying a huge price for not understanding their core business. The Captain is proud to be aboard this incredible vessel of global communication you have created to meet the needs of a society at a cross roads.

        Permission to stay aboard sir.

      • I forgot to mention one thing. I think reseating the hosts somewhere is only the first step. We need to address the issue of deregulation and markets saturated with syndicated content chosen by corporations interested only in profit at the cost of communities. Or, as some think, interested in marketing an idea or message to benefit them alone.

        Did you know that years back to apply for a business license the applicant needed to include a statement of how the business would benefit the community? That is long gone. I think a caller to Ronn or Gil’s show brought up that interesting little fact a few months ago.

      • The Captain says:

        A few years ago before Bill Clinton and congress sold out the concept of localism, I would have agreed with you. But today anyone can easily, and I mean easily, be a global broadcaster with almost zero out of pocket expenses. My web page currently has seven tv channels that cost me nothing to maintain. You couldn’t give me KGO… it’s a dinasore.

        This Thursday night carnage is really an opportunity for that talent to blossom unfettered by the idiots running most stations. If Ron Owens is as smart as I think he is, he won’t come back from vacation to KGO.
        These are good times to travel light and take advantage of more cost effective resources. The old order is history, time to build a sustainable future.

      • Oh, Captain. You make me smile. I wish I had the smarts on the level of the former KGO hosts. You are right about those darn commercials, though. I really don’t want to hear another Cars For Kids jingle for the rest of my life. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

        I have a friend who listens to classical all day long. I’m not sure, but I think the local classical station here went through a format change. Do you offer podcasts he could download?

        I enjoy classical but know little about it. I go to the symphony once in awhile and a few operas. I try to attend every chorus performance of Carl Orff’s ‘Carmina Burana’. But I am a lightweight when it comes to classical.

        Oh, and permission granted.

      • Captain, I do agree about the stations becoming dinosaurs but it will take more years before that happens. What type of distribution model do they have now that could adapt to people in cars? It wouldn’t be this type of blog, they need something to listen to while doing something else, like driving. Same for people at work, it’s not easy to continue checking blogs or online content when working on projects. There is no known distribution system that can replace that ease of access at the moment. Suggestions, anyone? We can complain but if we don’t offer a solution then nothing can change.

        As for Ronn Owens, I was thinking about that as well. In a way, he has been forever tainted by this. He’d been a respected broadcaster before this happened. I wonder if people will allow for things beyond his control. On Wednesday he was an award-winning host and on Thursday he was, at best, a traitor to many. That has to be hard to take for a guy with his ego. I liked Ronn, listened to him everyday. Didn’t always agree with him. Not thrilled about his obvious love of self, but he entertained us and I respected his intelligence.

        If I was tempted to turn on KGO one more time, it would be to listen to the first fifteen minutes of Ronn when he returns. But I won’t. I’ll read about it on the multitude of websites reporting every move in this mess.

    • Hi kgone. I was floored when I saw on the Facebook page for FormerKGOListeners that Bernie Ward writes a blog. Love him or hate him, he does have some interesting things to say about the KGO fiasco. Have you read it? Here’s the link:
      (not sure if that will html or not, I did hyper-link it on my About page)

      And I tried to look at Wattenburg’s interview with that Santa Cruz radio station but couldn’t get the video or audio to play.

  15. kgone says:

    Yeah, that was the article I came across that laid down some of those comments I wrote earlier. We’ll see if it pans out that way.

    I listen to online streaming and podcasts at times too like the Captain talks about, but I don’t want to see everything go that way. Can get a bit canned and sterile.

    I enjoyed the variety that used to be on (RIP) KGO – having Rosie talk to Gene for a preview of his evening show, with a newsbreak in between by one of the familiar local newsers and then Brad Wheelis or whom ever on the hour feeding us the national news highlights for a few minutes, it became a nice routine. Then the occasional window commercial read by Gene Burns or the Wattenburg CC Radio spiel. Listening to some of the blowhards call in and get cutoff when they pushed too far.

    Or Len Tillem with the stories, oh the stories, and his impatience with some of the beanbrained callers who couldn’t get to the point. Throw in a little Pat Vittucci. Len fumbling around with yet another technical problem. Lloyd Lindsay Young still getting excited about the weather after all these years, yelling out something or other. The beeping horns just before the traffic report, then back to Gene or John or Gil.

    All that downhome stuff became something of a habit to look forward to, not every day necessarily, but whenever I felt like it, it was always there.

    Screw Cumulus and their red state money grubbing con games. Radio stations can be more than just insipid cash machines, can enrich our lives and give us a valued sense of our home place if done correctly. Some of them have (or had) a pace and a rhythm of their own, that can’t always be found on the internet.

    • That makes sense. Many of your points reflect that information. It was an interesting read.

      I am laughing as I’m reading your thoughts on the quirks of listening to live radio. I used to listen to Ray at night whenever I stayed up late enough, as a treat to hear the one caller, and there was always one, who riled him up. Oh my God, I used to laugh at the sounds coming out of Ray. I imagined his nostril flaring and spit coming out of his mouth. Many times Ray would repeat, my, my, my and then my, my, my over and over again. I loved that. Did you hear the time he discussed Jessie Jackson? He didn’t hold back on that one. I tried to listen again the next day but that hour of his broadcast was unavailable. I wonder why, did KGO pull it?. I didn’t love him so much after he accused Hillary of being a big b and some other unsavory things. Lost respect for him during that last election. But knowing he was there was a comfort because I love characters. And that guy is a true character and genuinely intelligent as well as a community builder. I really like that about him, even though I don’t always like the things he says. Or, should I say, said.

  16. Bea says:

    Hi, Just got through our first full depressing week without KGO. We are so sad and feel this loss greatly. My spouse and I work together at night in his office and always had Gene and John on for education and entertainment. We looked forward to them every night more than we ever did any TV show. I still think to myself when it’d close to 7 PM, “I wonder what Gene’s topic will be”, then I remember he’s gone. We know they would be discussing the drone that was shot down in Iran, Cain’s dropping out, Obama’s recent speech and Newt’s wild crazy ideas. These are great topics for local discussion and now it’s all gone. We miss the intelligent dialog and hearing what the rest of the Bay Area is thinking. KGO was so unique, can’t believe it’s gone.

    • Oh, Bea, I understand completely. I used to listen all day to KGO when at work. No more. I miss Len Tillem, I planned my lunch around him so I wouldn’t miss a word. I loved Gil. That guy has heart, it came through on his program. I loved his old newsroom stories and he brought in the most interesting authors who wrote about esoteric topics. I bought books for gifts that I hadn’t even read yet, based on the interview on KGO. Of course, I’d buy one for myself as well and always enjoyed the read. I will miss that. This week at work my co-workers mentioned how quiet it was in the office. I have yet to find a new station to listen to during the day. For now, it’s BBC Radio2 live stream but with the time difference I get all of the hours of country music and swing and, today, an entire show based on the music of Shrek. yikes. I turn it way down, especially when the organ music begins. I have to find something to listen to after Steven Wright signs off on BBC. I wish it could be the old KGO.

  17. Emmet says:

    Monday morning, when there was no rooster crowing to herald the arrival of 6 a.m., and the announcer sounded more like those idiots over at KNBR than a civilized, professional station, I knew something was up. KGO will lose thousands of listeners over this blood bath, and deservedly so…good thing KCBS is still run as a professional news station

    • Hi Emmet. I haven’t listened to KCBS for years. In fact, sometimes I’d bump the dial of my radio and would have to search for KGO again. Sometimes I’d hear the news and stop for a moment on the dial, but after one minute I’d know, it was no KGO. You can hear the difference without having to look at the dial. KCBS is no substitute for me.

  18. kgone says:

    I still set my alarm radio to KGO, so I can turn it off for the rest of the day 2-3 seconds after it wakes me up.

    Otherwise, I quit listening to it for good.

    • I keep thinking I can turn on Ray or Dr. Bill at night, and then I remember, no, I can’t.

      Out of habit, I reach my hand out to turn on my radio during the day at work, then stop and think, that’s right, they’re no longer there. I feel the loss.

      • Darrin Connell says:

        I’ve given up on the “new” KGO. “Red-Eye-Radio”, what the hell is that? And their new news format sounds like a VERY lame attempt to emulate KCBS.

  19. Hi Darrin. I haven’t listened to one word since they let most of the hosts go. In fact, I feel duped because I heard Ronn’s program on Black Friday and waited for Len and Gil to comment on their shows. Didn’t realize they replayed old shows and I wondered why the heck those two didn’t say a word about it. Then I read the sorry truth, those Cumulus jokers propped Ronn up to talk about elephants and then fled. A listener doesn’t forget that type of treatment. So, why are people clamoring to bring these mistreated hosts back to the same management who had little regard for them and their audience? Why would anyone want to return to KGO? Speaking of return, Ronn will back soon. I won’t listen but I sure am going to read Rich Lieberman’s blog and Facebook’s FormerKGOListeners.

    • Darrin Connell says:

      Funny how Ronn “goes on vacation” right after the big announcement. I’ve never really liked him; too much of a schmoozer/lightweight. I said Hi recently to Joel Riddell on facebook & he says that he & Gene are doing ok & will get over it eventually.

      • Hi, Darrin. I just wrote a bit about Ronn’s return. I listened to him every weekday for, maybe, five years or more. But he is not a host I miss. In fact, I’m not too concerned about missing him on the radio. Maybe it’s because he’s still there, but I refuse to listen to ‘there’. It will be interesting reading, though, about what happens on Thursday.

  20. Bea says:

    Great news, Gene Burns is starting his show on another Bay Area radio station, including Dining Around on Saturday mornings. He is starting Jan. 3 on 910 AM, weekday eves from 4-7. Len Tilem also starts Jan. 3 from 3-4 PM. Dining around will be on 10-1:00 Saturdays. The actual call letters for 910 are going to change soon, so for now it’s just 910 AM. Can’t wait to hear him again. – Bea in Hayward

    • Hi Bea. I must have missed your comment over the holiday weekend. Sorry, I didn’t mean to pass you by! I am counting the days until I can listen to Gene Burns live. And I wonder if Len and Gene will be able to say anything about the change. I don’t suppose they will say much, being on a new station, and not wanting to disrespect that station’s listeners. But I bet there will be a few calls that mention it. Half the interesting talk on radio is by the callers. I’m so glad I’ll be able to listen at work. At least the first hour or two of Gene Burns anyway. Do you ever call in? Let us know when you do so we can hear what you have to say. Hopefully, you won’t have to call in for Len’s advice, but I’m sure Gene will have a variety of topics to discuss. Thanks for the information and, once again, for the comments. We’ll all meet again on Jan 3rd. hee hee…

  21. doris gilliland says:

    We are looking for any info on if Ray Talifero is broadcasting from somewhere. Please email us if anyone knows.

    • Hi, Doris. I haven’t heard anything about Ray since his KSCO interview earlier in the year shortly after the KGO firing. I do know he has a Facebook page. Since I’m not on Facebook I don’t have access to his page. If you go to the Facebook page of FormerKGOListeners they have a Notes section that details what the former hosts are doing now. I’m not sure if it’s been updated for awhile, I don’t think the owner of that page has been posting much lately. But, I’m sure if you can get access to Ray’s Facebook page then you’ll get updates about what he’s doing. I haven’t heard that he’s on the air anywhere. If so, I’d post it and I’d listen. I hope I’ll be able to create that post soon. I miss that guy.

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